Candy Winner :)

Sonntag, 3. Juli 2016

Hallo :)

danke für die Glückwünsche. 500 Blogposts war wirklich ein Meilenstein und seit dem Candy sind schon wieder einige dazu kommen. Das hier wird Nummer 512. Also auf zu den tausend! :D

Aber genug geschwafelt, erst einmal auf zum Gewinner des Candys.


Hello :)

thanks for your nice comments. :)
500 blog posts was really a milestone for me and since that candy I wrote some more. So this is number 512. Next step: one thousend! :D

But I talked enough. Now it's time for the winner.
Congratulations Natalie on your 500th post and fabulous candy you have on to offer
Dianne xx :)

Thank you, Dianne and congrats to the UK!
Please send me an email before July 15th
with your address and I will sent the candy the next day.
It's already packed, it just needs an address. :)

Love, Natalie


Hi and welcome to my blog.
I hope you enjoy your visit and will leave me a comment and I sincerely hope that you will call back again.
With love and hugs,
Natalie :)

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